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Key Trends and Outlook

Several wind capacity auctions have already been conducted by SECI and the state nodal agencies and many more are lined up in the coming years. As more capacity gets auctioned, new trends are emerging in the Indian wind power space.

  • Impact of the volume game on tariffs and the industry structure
  • Risks and roadblocks in wind power development
  • Capacity addition outlook and the key growth drivers


The MNRE has played a pivotal role in promoting wind power development. It has released an ambitious tendering trajectory as well as defined standard competitive bidding guidelines to be followed by states.

  • New targets and policies
  • Policy risks and potential solutions
  • Outlook and the way forward
Revising the 2022 Wind Target

The government is planning to scale up the 2022 target set for the wind power sector from the current 60 GW. Is the industry prepared to set up that capacity?

  • SECI’s outlook on wind tendering and the future project pipeline
  • Growing consolidation to gain scale and efficiency
  • Capacity building and project development challenges
  • Outlook and insights

Evolving POLICY AND Regulatory Framework

The policy and regulatory framework is evolving to facilitate the wind sector’s growth. Both central and state agencies and departments are providing a push to scale up capacity addition in the sector.

  • CERC’s perspective on facilitating grid integration
  • Offtakers’ risks and discom financials
  • State nodal agencies’ efforts to effectively implement policies
  • Advancements under NIWE’s wind resource assessment programme

Transmission Challenges and Requirements

A number of developers have to wait for prolonged periods for getting access to power evacuation bays, while some are facing grid curtailment issues due to congestion in the transmission corridor, leading to tendering delays. 

  • Green Energy Corridor project and setting up REMCs
  • Implemention of forecasting and scheduling norms
  • State-level developments in enhancing T&D infrastructure

Role of Digitalisation

For wind projects, digital technologies and solutions such as sensors and data storage can play a key role in areas such as project execution, site selection for new projects, plant availability and performance improvements.

  • Application of big data, IoT and cloud computing in wind projects
  • Cost savings and efficiency gains
  • Case studies

Emerging Financing Practices

The overall industry structure is changing and the funding scenario is also maturing with new financing instruments being explored by players.

  • Financing requirements
  • Changing risk appetite of financiers
  • New mechanism of financing


Efficiency improvement leads to higher ROIs. Technology innovation is, therefore, essential to keep wind power competitive with other sources of energy.

  • New and innovative turbine designs and their application in India
  • Alternative materials for blades and towers (steel, aluminium, fibre, concrete, etc.)
  • Innovation in logistics
  • Inverter technology trends
  • Role of energy storage

Wind-Solar Hybrids

The sector is witnessing increased interest from developers in setting up large-scale wind-solar hybrid projects. The national wind-solar hybrid policy, which targets 10 GW of capacity by 2022, will facilitate the development of these projects.

  • Cost economics and the experience so far
  • Emerging policy and regulatory profile
  • Outlook and challenges
  • Case Studies

Offshore Wind

Offshore wind is another opportunity that is coming up, for which the government has already notified the National Offshore Wind Policy. However, the high cost of these projects has been the biggest roadblock in developing offshore capacity in India.

  • Cost economics and the global experience
  • Current status in India
  • Outlook and challenges
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