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The mission of this conference is to highlight and analyse the emerging cyber law, cybercrime and cyber security trends. It will provide an excellent forum from representatives from the central and state governments, law enforcement agencies, corporate sector, service providers, information and technology industry, as well as international organisations and distinguished thought leaders.
This is the only conference of its kind in the world, which is looking at the intersection between cyberlaw, cybercrime and cybersecurity; and connected legal, policy, regulatory, business, technical and other issues. The conference will have more than 50 sessions. There will be two plenary tracks on each day and parallel tracks each on cyber security, cyber law and cybercrime.

The international conference has been supported by more than 110 international and national organisations. These include UNESCO, Ministry of External affairs, Ministry of Electronics and Information technology, Ministry of Law and Justice, UNU-EGOV, UNITAR, Council of Europe, Europol Cybercrime Centre, GFCE, Internet Society, Asia Cloud Computing Association, Smart Africa, ICCSL, Artificial Intelligence Law Hub, World Federation of Scientists, among others.

The conference is being organized by Cyberlaws.Net. The convener of the conference is Dr Pavan Duggal, Chairman, International Commission on Cyber Security Law and President, Cyberlaws.Net. Dr Duggal has been acknowledged as one of the top four lawyers in the cyber world. He is the Chairman of International Commission on Cyber Security Law and Chief Mentor at Block Chain Law Epicentre.

The conference will offer an excellent opportunity to network with decision-makers and influencers. It will help you understand:

  • Key trends in cybercrime, cyberlaw and cybersecurity
  • Legal compliance obligations of your organization
  • Identification of new emerging threats of cybersecurity breaches
  • The initiatives of government and police agencies
  • How other corporates are addressing these issues
  • The technology solutions and approaches that your organization should consider
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