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  • Strategic power sourcing and power cost optimisation are becoming the key priority areas for industrial consumers as they face significant pressures to enhance productivity and energy efficiency.

  • Industries have been trying to optimise power procurement costs through options such as captive power generation, utilising open access to switch between competitive suppliers and discom-regulated tariffs, investing in decentralised generation solutions such as onsite solar, besides procuring power from the power exchanges, where prices have been favourable over the past couple of years.

  • These options, however, come with their own set of challenges. To begin with, the overall experience in open access has been disappointing for large consumers. States have blocked open access in many instances. Further, with surcharges and levies, the economic benefit of power procurement through this route has reduced in the recent past.

  • There are other energy-related issues that industries face such as the complexities involved and multiple approvals and clearances required for rooftop solar or net metering; ambiguities in the REC pricing framework that have made buyers practically inactive in the market; inadequate transmission capacities for surplus sellers/buyers; less than adequate coal supplies for captive generation units forcing such plants to rely on expensive imported coal; and volatile exchange prices on account of seasonal variations.

This conference aims to provide a platform to discuss:

  • Key energy-related challenges for industrial consumers
  • Highlight the experiences and best practices in energy management
  • Examine various power sourcing strategies and solutions
  • Analyse recent trends and developments in open access and power trading
  • Showcase promising technology solutions to help industrial consumers achieve their operational efficiency goals and ensure compliance with environmental norms

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